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Letter to city council re: dedicated bike lane on 102 Avenue, between 110 Street and 124 Street

I just emailed the following note to

Dear City Council,

I belong to a car-free family of four that includes my two sons (ages five and seven) and my wife. Our bicycles are our primary means of transportation, and we therefore really appreciate it when Edmonton adds bicycle infrastructure.

One particular avenue that is in dire need of a dedicated bike lane is 102 Avenue, between 110 Street and 124 Street. We use the route often to access the West End and the Mountain Equipment Co-op from our south side home.

Please support Edmonton’s bicycling community by installing a dedicated bike lane on 102 Avenue, between 110 Street and 124 Street.


Conrad Nobert

Edmonton To Add Three New Bike Routes This Summer

I’m very encouraged by what the city is doing in terms of bicycle infrastructure. From a recent community league email:

This summer, the City will install 20 km of dedicated bicycle lanes and sharrow markings. The project is all part of a larger plan to create an integrated bicycle network, as envisioned in the City’s Bicycle Transportation Plan.

As part of this 2011 program, on-street bike routes will be provided at:

  • 76 Avenue (Gateway Boulevard to Saskatchewan Drive)
  • 106 Street (51 Avenue to Saskatchewan Drive)
  • Saddleback Road
  • 97 Street (34 Avenue to 83 Avenue).

City staff will share the details of these bicycle routes with residents as part of an information session that will take place at Southgate Centre. As part of this information session, residents will have the opportunity to review the routes in more detail and ask questions to City staff.  Details of this information session are as follows:

Date: June 4, 2011

Location and Time: Southgate Centre (5015 111 Street) – 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

This pdf file has a lot more detail.