Starting garden plants from seed is such a great way to get into the gardening mindset. The old Vriends organic market stall (now August Organics) at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market used to hand out these calendars that had a seeding chart at the back.

Representing 40-odd years of Edmonton organic gardening wisdom, the chart indicates when to start which seeds for best results in Edmonton’s short growing season.

This year I remembered that February 25th is the first date on that chart. It indicates that onions, leeks and herbs should be planted indoors for later transplanting.

So a couple of weeks ago I planted, and the results are getting me all jazzed up for gardening.


I planted oregano, basil, marjoram and dill.


Onion sprouts.

I hope to get 200 yellow onions into the ground this year for storage over winter.


The vendors at the farmers’ market still have leeks from last summer, so they must also store well. I’ll figure that out later. In the meantime, I started up 200 leek seedlings as well.


Can’t wait for the big thaw.

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Why don't you actually post the calendar... it would be helpful to many

Hi! Do you happen to have a copy of this seeding calendar?? I'd like to get going with indoor seeding too, thanks for the inspiration!!

I'd be interested in a copy of this calendar as well! =)


I have gardened since I was three.Moving to Edmonton included some challenges. Potatoes, yes.
As a senior now living in an apt. with a balcony, I am not giving up. Potatoes, yes, in cardboard boxes lined with plastic garbage bags. Tomatoes of course. But, since I come from the land of corn, I am plotting how best to grow it on a NW balcony. That, and runner beans, all around the spokes of my balcony fence.
If there is a group of balcony gardeners, I would be glad to hear from them, successes and failures.

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