A Net Zero Energy Year - Assumptions


From a presentation that I gave a couple of years ago, the above slide shows the assumptions that we made in claiming that the Mill Creek NetZero Home (MCNZH) will produce all of the energy that it needs on a net annual basis. We got the numbers by running HOT 2000 simulation runs, estimating hot water consumption (ignore the stuff about WATSUN – it proved to be inaccurate), making best guesses on appliance use based on Energuide numbers, and by consulting Edmonton solar electricity guru Gordon Howell about how much production we would get out of our PV modules.

There are three adults (one with his own stove and fridge downstairs) and two chillins living in the house.

After living in the home for 1.3 years, the space heating number looks low. On the other hand, the appliances number looks high.

I think we’ll be in the ball park, at the very least.

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