MCNZH - Progress (part 4) - roof, light pipe, plumbing

Peter Amerongen installing a sun pipe on the MCNZH's roof

Construction of the Mill Creek NetZero Home (MCNZH) is progressing nicely.

Before Chrismas we (as in, Peter's crew and a friend of mine) started installing the steel roof. We installed the locally made sun pipe that will pipe natural light to the windowless bathroom on the second floor:

The dome of the sun pipe - this part is at the very top of the pipe, exposed to the elements

The partially-installed sun pipe. I was amazed at the powerful beam of light emanating from the pipe.

The steel roof is pretty much finished, and the stove pipe for the wood burner is in as well:

The MCNZH's steel roof, and stove pipe.

The paper and wire mesh for the stucco (to be applied this spring) is also complete. Here's a picture of it going on.

The outside window trim (we used some surplus cedar that Peter had stored beside his garage) is all on. You can see it in this picture:

Finally, the electrical rough-in and most of the plumbing rough-in are complete:

MCNZH - Upstairs master bedroom. The electrical box with the thick white wire loop over it is a 220V connection for if/when we "flex" the house by converting the upstairs into a separate suite.

We install solar collectors and modules this weekend!

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