MCNZH - Progress (part 2) - more framing, wood reuse

We have trusses, and we'll have a roof by tomorrow. Nick and Adam of Green Door Builders are doing a great job of framing the house. Peter is always amazed at how little waste they create. They're only throwing out little toothpicks of plywood. On top of that they are dipping into a pile of reusable lumber that I set aside for them:

A 2x6 left behind by the cribbing crew (up top, covered with a light coating of concrete) was conscientiously reused during framing

The site that we've chosen for this house is a beauty for solar: 

The sun bathes the window frames and solar module locations

And let me tell you, we'll have the windows to collect the sunshine. Here is the view from the future kitchen.

Windows.  Big ass windows.

We're managing what little waste there has been so far by sorting it into piles of scrap metal, burnable wood, reusable wood, and waste wood (pressure-treated and formaldehyde-laced). Next up: the windows and the plumbing.


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