MCNZH Featured in techlife Magazine


Successful post-secondary institutions around the world have learned that maintaining strong relationships with their alumni is valuable for the money-raising, knowledge-mining, synergy-creating benefits that they enable. NAIT has done a particularly good job with its techlife magazine. An award-winning job, in fact.

My family and I were profiled in the latest issue of techlife. I am very pleased with the article that Cheryl Mahaffy (Words that Sing) wrote about us and our latest project, the Mill Creek Net Zero Home (in fact, we were very impressed with the whole techlife team, including managing editor extraordinaire Kristen Vernon). My main concern was that the article would turn into a “technology will solve all of our problems” story. I needn’t have worried. I was amazed at Cheryl’s ability to get a feel for our aspirations and motivations in a short two-hour visit. She kept the story true-to-life.

Forgive me the indulgence of posting a picture of my family from the article:


See the latest issue of techlife:

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