Local Organic Milk


Local organic milk, available from Earth’s General Store

By far, the best way to reduce the environmental impact of your diet is to reduce your meat and dairy intake. It’s a fact, and it was a bit surprising to me, given how much emphasis is placed on eating local organic food.

In the same way that the three Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle, illustrate the order of importance that your actions have, I would describe the choices about food as reduce meat and dairy, eat local, eat organic. Okay, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but it’s probably close to the truth.

I was raised within a food culture that puts meat and dairy front and centre, and while my family has made significant changes for the better, we still eat our share of dairy products.

That’s why I was happy to discover that Earth’s General Store is carrying organic milk from an Edmonton-area dairy. Milk from Saxby’s Creamery is organic and local, making it a significantly better choice than the other milk out there. And at under $5 per two litres, the price is right.

My appreciation goes out to Michael Kalmanovitch and his crew at Earth's for continuing to push the envelope on good, green, local choices.

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Thanks for the nod Conrad. Also the milk was picked up by bicycle on my trailer - all 4 dozen 2L bottles of it. The owner of Saxby now gets his son to drop it off on his way past the store. I suspect that I will go and pick up the odd shipment.

We are still having to make adjustments since ths is a new product for us and working out what are good stock levels in the store. Please bear with us.


does anyone know by any chance where i can get raw, organic milk here in edmonton?

pls email me, (*j*a*n*e*t*j*7*8*(at)*h*o*t*m*a*i*l*.*c*o*m*) i would love to drink only this on a regular basis.


We want to purchase Organic 52% Milk Fat content in a Heavy Cream. We're having some difficulty trying to find anyone near Edmonton who can provide us with this product.
Anyone have any ideas where locally we can get this?

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