Local Food Grab Bag

Local food hasn’t been this alive in Edmonton since the pre-WW2 era. Here are a few tidbits:

A family grows ingredients for and brews wine in the Edmonton area. Seriously.

Story here and link to the winery website here.



We grow mustard in Alberta? But none of it was processed into mustard (the spreadable kind) until now? It’s available at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market or online? Awesome.

Here’s a story on it and here’s the website.



This man is my new hero when it comes to local food. He is incredibly involved in the food that his family eats. And his blog makes this one look like something from 1997 (style-wise anyway). Check out Kevin Kossowan’s amazing local food website.



Finally, did you know that you could get local Edmonton food delivered directly to your door? Check out the good food box.

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Hi Green Edmonton,

Thanks for linking to our recent stories on local wine and mustard in Taste Alberta. Did you catch this week's story on Kevin Kossowan? It's still at the top on the home page, if you click on my name above.

So many great local food tales to tell and, as you say, growing interest.


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