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Embodied Energy

    the available energy that was used in the work of making a product (from Wikipedia)

Once we use energy to make something, we should keep using that thing as long as possible. It provides a service to us, and once we stop using it to provide that service we generally need to spend more energy to create whatever replaces it. Home Re-use-ables exists to extend the life of building products – to maximize the value that we get from their embodied energy.



This is Sherry at Home Re-use-ables. It’s located at 8832 62 Avenue, and it may just have what you’re looking for for our next renovation project. Sherry and co-owner Big Dave strip materials that still have value from houses and other buildings that are slated for demolition. They then clean them up and organize them for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Here’s what their store looks like:




Dave used to co-own Architectural Clearinghouse on Gateway Boulevard (it’s now relocated to 11507 - 120 Street). I for one am pleased with the new business – I’ve been going in to Architectural Clearinghouse for years (in it’s older and new incarnations), and I’ve never received the customer service that I did during my recent visit to Home Re-use-ables. Maybe it’s Sherry’s touch on the business. Anyway, she and Big Dave showed off their courteousness and knowledge in helping me find used doors for the Mill Creek NetZero Home.


Old doors purchased from Home Re-use-ables. Solid fir antique doors for $35? Yes please.

Big Dave knows his reused goods – he taught me a lot as he led me around their warehouse finding the proper knobs and hinges for the doors that I bought.

At any given time Home Re-use-ables has gems such as (right now) 5000 square feet of 1” thick maple hardwood for 2$/sq. ft (stripped from an old school gym), hundreds of seats from what apparently was some sort of theatre, and hundreds of old doors. Anything that you buy from them is much less impactful than anything you buy new, whether the new product is recycled or not. Reuse is the second “R”, after all.

The next time you need material for a renovation try giving Home Re-use-ables a call instead of heading straight to Home Depot. Something that Big Dave lovingly tore from a wall and saved for you is always going to be the greener choice.

Home Re-use-ables:

  • Address: 8832 62 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E 0C8
  • Phone: 780-428-1082
  • Web (including map and video): Home Re-use-ables
  • e mail add ress: info (at) homereuse dot com

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i am looking for 125 feet of number 8 3 wire for a hot tub and a gfi. do you have such stuff

Call or visit Home Re-use-ables directly. See information above.

Are any of the items in your store ever donated to charitable organizations or groups that cannot aford to pay?


I don't have a store. You may contact Home-re-usa-ables at the above phone #.


Thank you for the post, we need places like this! :):)

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