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This is Tree Stone bakery in Old Strathcona. I love living near such a great bakery, and I would include walking distance to a local bakery on my list of must haves when choosing where to live.

Nancy Rubilak, the Tree Stone's owner/operator, buys almost all of her ingredients from local farmers, and uses organic ingredients in many of her creations. Plus, I love the fact that I can buy bread in one of the reusable cloth bag that she sells.

Green Choice, Great Food

The Tree Stone bakery is a very green choice because it reduces food miles and packaging, and encourages organic farming practices. Plus, the bread, pizza dough and pastries (including Tree Stone's world famous chocolate brioche) that Nancy's team bakes everyday is to die for. This is quality food that makes any meal a treat.

Artisan Bread - Tree Stone Bakery

Green Entrepreneur

I've always admired Nancy's gumption. She started the Tree Stone bakery almost 10 years ago for the love of baking delicious bread using traditional techniques. In a province where "ethical" jobs are, to say the least, hard to come by, Nancy created one (several, actually) out of thin air. She may not have realized it at the time, but she is one of Edmonton's early green entrepreneurs - offering Edmontonians a high quality, low carbon, minimally-packaged product.

I don't doubt that Nancy works extremely hard to keep the bakery going, and I'm grateful for it. The Tree Stone makes my neighbourhood a better place.

Nancy Rubilak engages a four-year old fan of her bread

Tree Stone Bakery is at 8612-99 Street (Phone 780- 433-5924). I highly recommend taking a walk, bike, or bus to her little establishment.


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I'm always on the lookout for a great bakery with great ethics..I will have to check it out after we get moved..of course now I wish we lived in the area of the bakery

Fantastic little bakery on 99th. Stopping in at the pomegranate cafè for a tea and a baguette with jam is a favorite. Great, cheap breakfast.

Edmonton's getting there in terms of great bakeries. Best thing for me at the Treestone is the Bluesky (for Sunday's toast) and their baguette for eating while you walk home. The other bakery that deserves mention is the new Prairie Mill Bakery (on 23rd ave in the west end - not sure the exact address or telephone number - just google it). The young guy who owns and runs it makes a killer sourdough bread. Great flavour, dense texture, and it stays really fresh without having any preservatives.

Really good bread is not cheap but once you have it, you realize its worth and importance in your life.

I am one of the local farmers that supplies Treestone with organic wheat. Nancy is the best, and her bakery is heaven sent. I always load up with as much bread as I can carry when I deliver wheat to her store.

I was in tears today - Nancy has sold the bakery! While I hope new owners will keep the good tradition I have no doubts we will miss her and her wonderful bread so much! It was THE BEST! I wish she would just take a break, good rest, and come back to us - even if only part-time! Please, Nancy, please! I (and many others) will pay double without any hesitation to have this wonderful bread.


Nancy is resting and doing fine, you won't have to pay double for the bread, nothing will change as far as present breads. We will be adding all kinds of traditional breads and levain based croissants and bagels. Please take a peek at our new home page at or even better, come and meet me or my wife when you have a few spare minutes.

Looking forward to meet you,

Yvan and Ritsuko

I have been a customer of Tree Stone for about eight years. I believe you have changed the recipies for some of the breads, eg. Blue Sky and Maslin now have white flour in them. I was very disappointed to learn this. The Blue Sky I purchased last weekend was noticeably lighter in colour and texture than it used to be. Is there any way you would consider removing the white flour from the breads so we can have a true whole grain bread again?

I too was disappointed when I tried the Blue Sky Multi Grain recently. It used to be my favourite bread IN THE WORLD, but the latest incarnation is not quite as good. I'll still keep going back - after all they're introducing bagels soon!


Nobody likes change I suppose. I know that Nancy has a deservingly loyal and supportive following from the years of blood, sweat and tears that she put into her little bakery. But I also know that in her letter announcing the new owners, she wished that everyone would support Yvan and Ritsuko.

I know that they have their own plans and dreams for the bakery and things will of course change with new owners. It is fine to express your opinions on a particular change, but I would like to express my opinion that Yvan and Ritsuko should go ahead and follow their own dreams for the bakery. It is theirs now and perhaps for every customer that they lose, they will gain two or three. Good luck Yvan and Ritsuko!

I disagree that our comments were complaining about change just because it's change. If change is for the worse, people should be given the credit that their judgment has merit. If the Blue Sky had tasted better, I would have been delighted.

Nonetheless, I edited my comment because it was overly harsh. After all, Yvan and Ritsuko are providing this neighbourhood with a wonderful, locally-owned and -operated organic bakery. I do wish them the best.

I used to work at the Treestone a few years ago. I scaled flours for most of the bread and can say with certainty that the BlueSky Multigrain always had white flour in it.

Hello everyone,

I was very surprised to read some of the comments especially those about the white flour in the bread, if you have any question when you come please ask, the breads have always had white flour into them some of course organic white but never the less white.

I have answered some of the questions that people had about the Blue Sky and changes on my blog, please check it out when you have some time.

Best regards to all.

Yvan Chartrand
Tree Stone Bakery

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