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An article in the Edmonton Journal yesterday led me to a website by a local gardener. There is no greener activity than producing food in your own backyard, and there is much room for innovation in our northern corner of the world. I’m constantly delighted by what you can grow here, and how many different types of wonderful food can be produced in a few short months of summer.

Of note is the post “17 Hardy Fruits That You Can Grow On The Prairies”.  I’ve put a link to under “100 foot diet” to the left of your screen.

Alberta: Get Rich or Die Trying

I recently discovered an excellent local blog: Alberta: Get Rich or Die Trying. Its four authors are, according to recent email correspondence, "frustrated by the decision of many of our progressive friends to leave Alberta for greener pastures, so we think it's really important to contribute to fostering a sense of community and agency among younger Edmontonians and Albertans". Amen!  read more... »