energy efficiency

Most Efficient Cooker Ever

This is a thermally insulated pressure cooker. We're not going to buy our way out of the environmental crisis, but certain purchases can make a big difference if they reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.

Pressure and Insulation for Efficiency

Pressure cooking is a super-efficient way to cook. A pressure cooker "can drop the consumption [of energy] by ... 68 percent ... compared to a flat-bottomed pot" (Stoyke, 2007, p. 80). It's so efficient because when it's under pressure, water can boil at a much higher temperature (about 120 degree Celcius), which makes the food cook faster.  read more... »

Cut Your Carbon - 8 Summer Actions for Dramatic Results

Tomato SeedlingsBelieve it or not, you can drastically reduce your carbon emissions this summer without having to afford a several hundred dollar appliance purchase. These 8 carbon-cutting actions offer fun and easy choices you can make to fight climate change.

1. Grow something tastier than grass

According to, one hour of gardening will take care of 280 calories - about one grande Starbucks whole milk latte. Plus, New Brunswick’s Fallsbrook Centre tells us that the average meal travels 2400 Km to reach our plates. That’s roughly the distance between Montreal and Winnipeg - every meal!  read more... »

Simulate to Build Greener

I know a lot about how the Mill Creek NetZero Home (MCNZH) will perform once it's built because my computer told me all about it.

HOT2000 is a really useful - I would call it essential - free piece of software available from the Government of Canada.  read more... »

Fuel Efficient Cars:

Driving is going to have to become a novelty if we're going to avoid the worst of the climate crisis. Plus, Peak Oil is going to force us into drastically reducing car use whether we like it or not.

The best thing to do is move towards car-free living. That means moving to a more central location and/or biking, walking and busing as your primary means of transportation.

Still, there are still justifiable reasons for owning a car. Your livelihood is a big one - I can't imagine how a realtor or roofer could run a successful business without driving most days.  read more... »