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How To Reclaim Hardwood Floors

I've seen too many homes torn down before proper deconstruction has taken place. With a bit of effort, there are many treasures to be removed from an old house before the wrecking ball arrives.

Harwood flooring is a beautiful thing. The old pink house that will make way for the Mill Creek NetZero Home (MCNZH) contained about 400 square feet of maple hardwood before I salvaged it. Here's how to do it.  read more... »


This is the house at #### - ## Avenue. Sometime in June, it will be demolished by a backhoe to make way for a home that needs 95% less energy, and produces all of it from the sun: the Mill Creek NetZero Home (MCNZH). I'm going to deconstruct the house as much as possible before its demise in order to minimize the environmental impact of it reaching the end of its useful life.  read more... »

Stop Junk Mail

Don't you hate junk mail? I hate junk mail. Most activities have an impact. Burn coal to keep the lights on in hospitals? Go for it. Burn natural gas to keep us warm in winter? Okay. Rape and pillage the earth to make paper for junk mail? Stupid. Really stupid.

95% of people toss it in the garbage or the blue bin. For the green-minded, though, recycling junk mail isn't enough. We need to stop it from coming in the first place, and here's how:  read more... »