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Embodied Energy

    the available energy that was used in the work of making a product (from Wikipedia)

Once we use energy to make something, we should keep using that thing as long as possible. It provides a service to us, and once we stop using it to provide that service we generally need to spend more energy to create whatever replaces it. Home Re-use-ables exists to extend the life of building products – to maximize the value that we get from their embodied energy.



This is Sherry at Home Re-use-ables. It’s located at 8832 62 Avenue, and it may just have what you’re looking for for our next renovation project.  read more... »

Buy Energy Efficient Stuff

When we need to "consume", we should be buying stuff that uses as little water and electricity as possible. Comparing the different products for these attributes can be difficult. Here are the best resources:

Searchable Canadian Government Energy Efficiency Ratings of all available:

The (user-unfriendly) master page is here. I always have trouble finding these databases, so I thought that I would post them here for easy reference. After you've run your initial search, click on "Energuide Rating (kWh/year)" twice. This will order the appliances by the smallest consumption first.

For cars, if you simply must buy one, refer to the U.S. Government's Fuel Economy comparison website.

Invest in Edmonton's Greenest Business

Earth's General Store (EGS) has been the hub of Edmonton's environmental community for the past 17 years. I love the store because I trust it implicitly - I know that its owner Michael Kalmanovitch and his staff have picked the products that they offer with true sustainability in mind. EGS is an example of what makes a city great: small businesses that care. Michael is a tireless worker for the community, and EGS has sponsored and organized countless worthy causes and projects.

Michael has recently decided to expand the store - his vision is a cross between the old Roots Organic market and the current EGS. He has developed an innovative funding mechanism (see below) that allows his customers/community to invest in in a resource that will serve them well. Michael already has my cheque. I hope that you will consider this exciting opportunity:  read more... »

Most Efficient Cooker Ever

This is a thermally insulated pressure cooker. We're not going to buy our way out of the environmental crisis, but certain purchases can make a big difference if they reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.

Pressure and Insulation for Efficiency

Pressure cooking is a super-efficient way to cook. A pressure cooker "can drop the consumption [of energy] by ... 68 percent ... compared to a flat-bottomed pot" (Stoyke, 2007, p. 80). It's so efficient because when it's under pressure, water can boil at a much higher temperature (about 120 degree Celcius), which makes the food cook faster.  read more... »