Myles Kitagawa

Myles Kitagawa is my favourite Edmonton-based environmentalist. He articulates an intelligent, realistic vision for where we need to go as a society.

Myles works full-time, for very little money, to improve Alberta’s environment and to mitigate the impacts of humanity’s destructive activities. Watch the above video to get a feel for how well Myles understands the issues, and how much sense his approach to solving our problems makes.

Myles is the executive director of the Toxics Watch Society of Alberta, a livejournal blogger, and an occasional contributor to this website.

Green Rising: www.e-sage.ca

I love these guys. I've been in the green game here in Edmonton for around 10 years. For the first five or so years, we were a rag-tag bunch. I would see the same 15-30 tree huggers at all the events. It wasn't exactly a thrill, and to tell the truth, I felt like the environmental community in this city was pretty tiny.

No more. The times are a'changin, and the Edmonton Socially-Conscious Alternative Entrepreneurs Network (E-Sage) is an exciting part of that change.  read more... »