Seedy Sunday - March 16, 2008

We're working on fully activating the Activist Agenda part of this site, and it will be in full swing very soon. Even once we're fully using it though, I will be highlighting local Edmonton-based events from time to time.

Seedy Sunday is on March 16. Occurring at the North Glenora Community Hall (13535-109A Ave), it marks the beginning of gardening season in Edmonton.

Local farmers will be selling heirloom seeds, and there's a seed exchange - bring your unused seeds and take those of fellow gardeners - for free!  read more... »

Grow Your Own!

Grow Your Own!

What better way to embrace spring than to plant a few seeds and watch the creative life forces unfold before your own eyes… . Starting your own seedlings indoors is an easy and satisfying way to get into the gardening spirit while it is still freezing outside.

‘Growing your own’ has many other advantages too. It can save you a lot of money, and generally produces plants that are stronger and healthier than the chemically-fed bedding plants that are imported from California or B.C. and sold in most of our commercial greenhouses and big box stores these days.Here’s what you need to get started.  read more... »

Say No to the Orange Bag

It's that time of year again. We all go into cleanup mode, getting rid of the "garbage" that the trees "litter" the ground with.

We drive to the Canadian Tire, buy a ten pack of orange garbage bags, and get to work. Once the leaves are raked and packed, we put the bags out to be picked up and whisked away to the landfill. After all it is garbage, right?

Wrong. Leaves are a compostable, clean source of fertilizer for our yards/gardens. Treating a source of nutrients that literally falls from the sky as a waste product is a form of collective insanity that we need to correct.  read more... »