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A Different Kind of Market Report

If you've somehow stumbled upon this "Market Report" hoping to get an update on your IBM or Bear Stearns stock, please move on - nothing to see here. If, on the other hand, you've come here because you're interested in local food in Edmonton, come on in.

When it comes to "eating green", vegetables have it all over meat (despite the advancements in "in vitro meat"!). Even better, if you can eat in-season, organic, locally-grown produce, you've hit the trifecta.

For those of us without the benefit of a garden in our backyard (or a backyard at all for that matter), the farmers' market is our best source of locally-grown produce, much of which is grown organically. Beyond the environmental benefits, the vegetables are fresher, they taste better, and you can often talk to the folks who grew it.  read more... »

Tree Stone Bakery - Local is Green

This is Tree Stone bakery in Old Strathcona. I love living near such a great bakery, and I would include walking distance to a local bakery on my list of must haves when choosing where to live.

Nancy Rubilak, the Tree Stone's owner/operator, buys almost all of her ingredients from local farmers, and uses organic ingredients in many of her creations. Plus, I love the fact that I can buy bread in one of the reusable cloth bag that she sells.  read more... »

Seedy Sunday - March 16, 2008

We're working on fully activating the Activist Agenda part of this site, and it will be in full swing very soon. Even once we're fully using it though, I will be highlighting local Edmonton-based events from time to time.

Seedy Sunday is on March 16. Occurring at the North Glenora Community Hall (13535-109A Ave), it marks the beginning of gardening season in Edmonton.

Local farmers will be selling heirloom seeds, and there's a seed exchange - bring your unused seeds and take those of fellow gardeners - for free!  read more... »

Edmonton Food Basket Program in Peril

At a time when the organic food market is booming in record proportions and interest in the local food movement higher than ever, it is puzzling to hear that the Edmonton S & R (Sharing and Responsibility) food basket program is in serious threat.  read more... »