The original Green Edmonton web server has been retired.


In August of 2007, I rescued this old computer from a friend who had just upgraded to a new iMac.  read more... »

In October of 2007, I got a shot of adrenaline when I checked out Green Edmonton's stats. Seven different people had visited the website in the past 24 hours! Woo hoo! That was pretty cool.

Since then, readership has grown steadily. These days, anywhere from 75 - 200 different people visit on any given day, and there have been over 26,000 visits. Also, several other people have posted to the website, including mylesck, khemmerl, Andrea Jones, russ, and theUrbanFarmer. I'm grateful for their contributions.

In fact, I'm thrilled about their contributions and the traffic. But I still see a huge amount of potential for this website.  I hope that one day we'll have a few dozen contributors. There are thousands of Edmontonians taking action in the areas of gardening, solar technologies, green renovations, permaculture lanscaping, bicycling, green home building, guerrila gardening, food preservation, etc. I want to learn from them, and I'm sure that many others do too.

If you want to join Green Edmonton as a contributor, let me know. Background

I thought about creating "the" green website for Edmonton for years before I actually did it. When I first started moving towards environmental activism, I felt quite isolated. It was difficult to meet like-minded people, and while there were a few websites here and there for local green groups, they generally weren't relevant or recently-updated.

When my employer gave me a year off to take a Master's in Information Systems,  I thought that I would have even less time to work on a green website for Edmonton. When it came time to choose whether to take a project-based or an essay-based route, though, the idea dawned on me that I could kill two birds with one stone.  read more... »

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