Alberta Party

Alberta Election, 2012

These are dark days for progressive-voting Albertans. The PC dynasty is finally, FINALLY vulnerable to being voted out, and the party that might take over is a small-thinking, science-denying group of angry white men.

Nonetheless, we must do what we can.

I would encourage everyone to check out the Change Alberta website. It provides advice on voting strategically for progressive candidates. That said, I disagree with Change Alberta's recommendation on Edmonton-Rutherford.

Michael Walters, Edmonton-Rutherford Alberta Party Candidate

Michael has run a very strong campaign in Edmonton-Rutherford. A natural leader, Michael's opinions and work on the local food issue alone make him a refreshing and compelling candidate to vote for (he was instrumental in organizing Edmonontonians in support of local farmland when he was with GEA). I think his chances of winning are decent, too.

I also am a supporter in principle of the Alberta Party. I'm so damn tired of watching the perennial loser parties of the NDP and the Liberals - split votes and refuse to consider merging or even cooperating. I can't support either one of them anymore. I mean seriously, the Liberals? "Liberal" is a freaking swear word in Alberta! They could call themselves the ass clowns and get more votes.

Rachel Notley

Having said that, I will be voting for Rachel Notley in my own riding of Edmonton-Strathcona. She is an excellent MLA and a good person, so she has my vote.

However, I would like to register my displeasure with the NDP for insisting, like they do all over the country, on advocating for cheaper electricity and gas. Subsidizing energy use (wastage) is absurd. It's a tired piece of NDP populism that doesn't help poor people (it subsidizes the rich energy wasters way more) and of course encourages fossil fuel consumption.

Let's just hope that somehow the polls are wrong and that any result other than a Wildrose majority happens on Monday. I never thought I'd be hoping for a PC victory in Alberta. Never in my scariest nightmares.