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NDP Vote = Green Vote

The Conservatives don't give a rat's ass about the environment. They consistently ignore climate change, talking a weak game and doing nothing to meet their weak targets. In fact, I'm convinced that Stephen Harper is one of the many people who has decided that the overwhelming science of climate change is too inconvenient to believe.

So Monday's green vote in Canada's 41st election is about voting against the Conservatives. 

I support Linda Duncan, Ray Martin, and Lewis Cardinal to get the green vote in Edmonton's have-a-hope-in-hell-of-not-electing-a-Conversative ridings. Especially with the national NDP surge, Martin and Cardinal have a small chance, while Duncan obviously has a significant chance of winning.

In my opinion, an NDP vote is a green vote if you are in the above three ridings. In any other Alberta riding, I'm sorry but you will have a Conservative MP on Monday. Vote your conscience.

P.S. In case you haven't noticed, our first-past-the-post system is terrible. I've heard Jack Layton promise that he would push for a system of proportional representation before, so that's another hope that I have if the NDP make significant gains on Monday

Re-elect Linda Duncan



I just made a donation to re-elect Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona.

I’m not a natural NDP supporter. Labour unions sometimes really annoy me, and I am firmly against the NDP’s tendency to subsidize energy use.

However, Linda Duncan is a stalwart defender of the environment, and a leader with integrity. She has always run her elections with fair-mindedness and dignity.

The same cannot be said for her opponent. Living in a riding that had the temerity to exercise its democratic will in Alberta (that’s a big no-no around here), I have received countless mailings from MPs outside of the riding. Now that the guys who is running against her has also started mail drops the quality of the literature has not improved.

In my opinion, almost every piece of communication from the Conservatives contains at least some dishonesty and/or fear-mongering. The last piece that I received blatantly lied about Duncan’s position on the oil sands.

Is it too much to expect our politicians to not behave like spoiled children when they lose? Apparently it is.

Linda Duncan is not only an all-around excellent representative, she is also the only adult who has a chance to win the race.

Re-elect Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona.

Congratulations to Linda Duncan

Linda Duncan is smart, experienced, and hard-working. She's one of Canada's most prominent environmentalists, and of course she's also now the Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Strathcona!

A couple of weeks ago, I gave her a one in a hundred chance of taking the riding (after all, this is Alberta).  The weekend before the election, though, I started to really think she might have a chance.  The clue came in my mailbox in the form of an insulting-to-the-intelligence postcard dropped off by the Rahim Jaffer campaign.  The message basically amounted to "the NDP thinks that car thieves shouldn't go to jail".  The fact that Jaffer was using the logic of a nine-year-old in a negative ad like that indicated to me that he was running scared.

The public tantrum and last-gasp cry for attention that followed from Jaffer just confirmed that the people of Edmonton-Strathcona made the right choice.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Duncan be named the NDP's environment critic.  Her election is a refreshing dot of orange in a province that was supposed to be a sea of blue this time around. Thank you to Edmonton-Strathcona voters for making an environmentally-sound choice of representatives, and congratulations to Linda Duncan!

Duncan vs. Jaffer = Green vs. Same-Old

DemocraticSPACE's latest projection for Edmonton-Strathcona

Close Race

The people at DemocraticSPACE are currently predicting a win for the NDP's Linda Duncan in Edmonton-Strathcona. I haven't looked closely into their methods, but it illustrates the point that Edmonton-Strathcona is Alberta's best chance at electing a non-Conservative.

Everyone in Edmonton except for Liberal candidate Claudette Roy knows that voting anything but NDP in Edmonton-Strathcona is voting for Rahim Jaffer to win the election. As an aside, Roy's pamphlet, delivered to my door recently, is a shameful piece of misleading, self-serving garbage. If you have to be that intellectually dishonest to run the race, Ms. Roy, then maybe it's not worth running at all.

Anyhow, momentum is building for Linda Duncan's campaign. Some Liberals have started a blog: Liberals for Linda, and the media is pegging this as a very close race.

Jaffer's Conservatives, may I point out, are as pollution-loving as they come. They don't take climate change seriously, and they generally won't touch any initiative that has a positive environmental impact.

Call To Action

So here's my plea: email and call everyone you know in Edmonton-Strathcona this weekend. Tell them how close this race is, and how important it is that they vote for Linda Duncan on October 14. And then go cast the green vote on Tuesday yourself. Let's make some history on Tuesday!