Save razors, money, and the whales with the RazorPit


Nowhere is the absurdity of how our world works more apparent than the ubiquitous disposable razor ad. As slick and serious as an ad for a personal spaceship, these commercials offer the promise of a better life, right around the corner, attainable only by buying the newest 17-blade wonder.

Such banalities are normal now, and best ignored, but a man still has to get the hair off of his face. Especially this man, for whom Movember is just a month to get through (37 years old, still can’t grow a full beard. Don't mock my pain!). So I’m happy that I noticed a little display in the Save-On-Foods pharmacy last year. It was for the RazorPit, a simple silicon (I think) block that makes a disposable razor blade last for months. 


The RazorPit disposable razor blade sharpener.

I started using it in late November: after every shave I add a tiny drop of shaving lotion to the surface of the block, and then I pass the blade over it about 10 times (The process works by cleaning and sharpening your blade with the friction of the silicon). That’s it. It’s seen three months of daily use now, and my 50-cent razor felt as sharp as ever this morning. 

At this rate, the bag of 50 razors that I bought at Costco in October will last about 16 years. Saving resources and money, two things that make me feel good.

In other shaving news, I use also save the whales/spotted owls/children by using a lotion from Earth’s General Store instead of one of those nasty shaving cream bombs that they sell.


This small plastic container of Kiss My Face shaving lotion is 30% less evil than a can of shaving cream.

I guess the ultimate solution would be to use a straight razor to shave with, but I don’t know anything about that. The RazorPit totally works. I recommend that you pick one up at Save-On-Foods. Also remember that the black ones don’t work for women!


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AMAZING! thanks for sharing this. i am on my way to save-on-foods


Cool. I decided to grow a beard a while back and use an electric for trimming. I used a straight razor for a couple of years and, after getting the hang of it, only managed to cut myself twice. Tricky around the nose and lips though; a beard is much easier.

I picked up one of these a couple weekends ago - they were on sale for just $5. I think it's a great idea. Last year after trip to Costco, I was surprised to realize that my Gillette Mach3 Turbo replacement cartridges were the single most expensive item on a $150 shopping trip. Thanks for the heads up Conrad.

No problem!

I've now used the same razor, comfortably I might add, for 4 months. And counting.

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