Reclaiming Cedar Siding

Man, there was a lot of wood around when they built the pink house at 9805 - 84th Avenue in 1916. It turns out that the pink paint on its exterior is covering cedar siding. 

So as part of deconstructing the 100-year old house that the Mill Creek NetZero Home (MCNZH) will replace, I've been removing the cedar siding.  read more... »

New Demolition Date: July 30

Um, just in case anyone cares, the demolition date for the 100-year old house on the Mill Creek NetZero Home lot has been changed. I'm such a silly head - I only gave Epcor five weeks to turn off the water at the old house. That's only 10% of a year, silly Conrad! Anyway, they're finally here doing the work, so the 30th is a go for suresies.

July 28, 2008 - Demolition Day

I've been working like a donkey on deconstructing the house that now stands on the site of the Mill Creek NetZero Home. I'd love to pull every single 2x4 out that of that house by hand, but I have a raging case of tendonitis - it seems that the impact of swinging a sledge hammer can hurt your arms after a while. Who knew?

Anyway, we have a demolition date. First thing Monday morning, the pink house at 9805 - 84th Avenue is coming down. If you have kids, feel free to bring them to the show. 

Saving Concrete

Peter Amerongen is fond of saying "concrete is one of the most energy intensive things we do".  Or something to that effect.  By "we", he means humanity, and he's right:  read more... »