Edmonton's 10th annual Eco-Solar Home Tour

Saturday, June 6, noon to 4pm

The Mill Creek NetZero Home is on the tour this year.


We have a great line up of sites this year, showing solar power, solar water heating, geothermal heating, energy efficiency, and what you can easily do about reducing your home heating, electricity and water bills, along with your contribution to our province's air pollution. There are 7 sites on the tour this year -- we could have easily had 30!  4 sites are new.

The tour is free and is open to the public.  All of the sites are visited as an open house.  See our web site at www.ecosolar.ca for all the details.

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MCNZH Featured in techlife Magazine


Successful post-secondary institutions around the world have learned that maintaining strong relationships with their alumni is valuable for the money-raising, knowledge-mining, synergy-creating benefits that they enable. NAIT has done a particularly good job with its techlife magazine. An award-winning job, in fact.

My family and I were profiled in the latest issue of techlife. I am very pleased with the article that Cheryl Mahaffy (Words that Sing) wrote about us and our latest project, the Mill Creek Net Zero Home (in fact, we were very impressed with the whole techlife team, including managing editor extraordinaire Kristen Vernon). My main concern was that the article would turn into a “technology will solve all of our problems” story. I needn’t have worried. I was amazed at Cheryl’s ability to get a feel for our aspirations and motivations in a short two-hour visit. She kept the story true-to-life.

Forgive me the indulgence of posting a picture of my family from the article:


See the latest issue of techlife:

Home Re-use-ables


Embodied Energy

    the available energy that was used in the work of making a product (from Wikipedia)

Once we use energy to make something, we should keep using that thing as long as possible. It provides a service to us, and once we stop using it to provide that service we generally need to spend more energy to create whatever replaces it. Home Re-use-ables exists to extend the life of building products – to maximize the value that we get from their embodied energy.



This is Sherry at Home Re-use-ables. It’s located at 8832 62 Avenue, and it may just have what you’re looking for for our next renovation project.  read more... »

Urban Farmer Update, Spring 2009

This is a guest post by Ron Berezan. He is Edmonton’s Permaculture pioneer. I highly recommend taking a course from him or otherwise viewing his yard – it’s amazing how much food can be grown in the middle of the city. And how beautiful an edible landscape can be.

His website is http://www.theurbanfarmer.ca/ (see “100 Foot Diet” on this website).

Spring Greetings from The Urban Farmer!

In This Issue:
I. Message from The Urban Farmer
II. Upcoming Permaculture Workshops
III. Urban Chicken Update
IV. Rain Barrels
V. Farms for the Future
VI. GO Organic Cuba 2010
VII. The good Food Project
VIII. Permaculture in Edmonton and Alberta
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