How to Monitor Changes to the Energy Efficiency of a Home

Unlike vehicles where it is easy to compare efficiency by comparing the mileage (expressed in either miles per gallon or litres per 100 km), comparing efficiency of two houses - or comparing efficiency before and after improvements to a house - is much more difficult.  If a homeowner makes an investment in improved energy efficiency it is difficult to compare the effect of the improvement from one month to the next due to seasonal changes.  Comparing a months worth of post-improvement energy consumption with the same month of the previous year or even the average of that month over the previous X years is an improvement but still doesn't really provide a direct “apples to apples” comparison as the month immediately following the improvement may have been warmer or colder than usual.  read more... »



Raspberries growing in Edmonton, Alberta

It’s been quite a dry year, much to the relief of TV weather people all over the city. They’ve barely had to complain at all about their waterskiing getting interrupted just so the pesky ecosystem can get some water.

The dryness is one reason that I’m impressed by the raspberry harvest. The iconic prairie canes are chock full of fruit at my community garden. With little maintenance or water, no fertilizer, and no pesticides, raspberries are as close to a zero-carbon food as there is.  read more... »

Belgravia NetZero - Common Ground

As you would expect, the Riverdale, Mill Creek and Belgravia NetZero houses have much in common - netzero concept of course, designer/builder Peter Amerongen, urban location, attention to detail. They also share DNA, in the form of the large wood beams and posts that are prominent in all three houses. The wood was salvaged from a liquor store that had been located on 97 Street in Edmonton. The original beams were 7 1/2 inches wide by 29 inches deep by 33 feet long and weighed 1500 pounds.

Bernie and Tristan working on beams

Bernie is sawing a beam in half using a chainsaw while Tristan is removing joist hangers.  read more... »

Eco Reno Demo Days

Introducing: Raising Spaces Eco Reno Demo Days

Eco Reno Demo Days
Join Raising Spaces on Saturday July 18th, 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm at the Eco Ammo Headquarters (#102, 10436-81 Ave) for an afternoon dedicated to exploring Green Home products and practices!
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