Myles Kitagawa

Myles Kitagawa is my favourite Edmonton-based environmentalist. He articulates an intelligent, realistic vision for where we need to go as a society.

Myles works full-time, for very little money, to improve Alberta’s environment and to mitigate the impacts of humanity’s destructive activities. Watch the above video to get a feel for how well Myles understands the issues, and how much sense his approach to solving our problems makes.

Myles is the executive director of the Toxics Watch Society of Alberta, a livejournal blogger, and an occasional contributor to this website.

The Place To Be Tonight


My family and I will be showing our support for local food tonight at City Hall (6 o’clock). Council will be discussing a plan for future land use. The Greater Edmonton Alliance (GEA) has influenced the plan so that it includes provisions to protect high quality farmland that is within city limits.

I hope that GEA is also arguing against the plan’s ridiculous idea that 75% of future growth should occur as urban sprawl (discussed more here). Anyone who has witnessed the many vacant lots and underutilized spaces in the city’s core can tell that there is plenty of room for growth/revitalization without ANY more urban sprawl.

Anyway, GEA has it right on local food. That’s why we’ll be joining a few hundred other concerned citizens to pack city hall tonight.

Water Use


The Bricor Hand-Held Showerhead only uses 4.2 litres (1.11 gallons) per minute

I've never needed a reason to conserve water. Simply knowing that half of the world’s population lives without easy access to it is enough to make me grateful for my easy life.

Other than gratitude, the reasons to conserve water are excellent:

  • Carbon Dioxide: Saving 1000 litres (one cubic metre) of water averts the emission of 1.75 kg of carbon dioxide (source).
  • Cost: Water costs me about $2.64 per 1000 litres to deliver and treat.
  • Cost Again: Water is very expensive to heat.
  • Contamination: When I use water in my house, it returns to the North Saskatchewan river more contaminated than if I had left it there.
  • Water Security: Our glaciers are melting. We may one day be water insecure, so having infrastructure in place to reduce its use is a good thing.


Toilets account for roughly 1/3 of our water use. In the Mill Creek Net Zero Home we installed dual-flush toilets.


Our Toto Dual-Max toilets “get the job done” while keeping water use to a minimum.

We decided on Toto Aquia Dual-Max toilets because they reportedly worked well, and our plumbing supply company stocked them. So far, so good.  read more... »

Earth's General Store Opens At Its New Location


Earths General Store has reopened at 9605 – Whyte Avenue (across from the Humpty’s), its new, bigger and better location. EGS was the flagship of the Edmonton environmental scene in the early 1990s. It remains the main hub of conscious green living in Edmonton. If you want to get connected to Edmonton’s environmental community, EGS is the place to be.

In its new location, the store has expanded from its role as retailer, coffee roaster, bookstore, and information provider to included groceries and an expanded line of offerings.


EGS now sells food!

One of the things I’ve always loved about the store is that Michael and his staff have done “the research” for me. At most other stores, you have to constantly be on the lookout for green washing and gouging. At EGS, you can relax and trust that whatever you’re buying is truly the greenest, healthiest choice.

I’m thrilled that EGS has stepped into the role of green grocer. Stop in and check it out. Here are some more pictures of the new space:  read more... »