Green Rising:

I love these guys. I've been in the green game here in Edmonton for around 10 years. For the first five or so years, we were a rag-tag bunch. I would see the same 15-30 tree huggers at all the events. It wasn't exactly a thrill, and to tell the truth, I felt like the environmental community in this city was pretty tiny.

No more. The times are a'changin, and the Edmonton Socially-Conscious Alternative Entrepreneurs Network (E-Sage) is an exciting part of that change.

E-Sage "aims to connect businesses, not-for-profit groups, government bodies and the public to share information and build programs around environmentally friendly, sustainable living" (source).

If you want to connect with and meet Edmotnon's 50 or 60 most enthusiastic and talented green people, come to an e-sage meeting. The energy at the one I attended was amazing. Enough said. Check out their website for the next meeting. I'll see you there.


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