Last Public Tour (probably) of Mill Creek NetZero Home

We will be opening up our home for a public open house during the eco-solar home tour in June 4. 

Many more details are here:

What has changed since the last tour? The two main things are that the movable solar awning is now installed, and our edible, permaculture landscape is mostly planted and showing its stuff.

Here's more from the tour website:

9805-84 Avenue, Edmonton

Site hosts: Conrad Nobert (homeowner) plus members of the project team

EnerGuide Rating 100.4 The Mill Creek Net Zero House is a home that produces more energy than it consumes in a year. This house was completed last year and features a passive solar design with solar electric and solar thermal panels to gather energy. The solar electric panels are on movable awnings that shade the windows in summer to cool the house and then retract in the winter to let in the suns heat.

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A HUGE thank you Conrad for all the time and effort you have put into sharing your experiences in your ultra efficient Mill Creek Net Zero House!

Would you be doing any kind of private tour in the future on a case by case basis? Hubby and I are looking to have a small urban homestead in the near future but he isn't 100% convinced its do-able.

Thanks in advance,


Definitely. Let me know via the contact page.

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