Reuse is the second "R"

I've never understood people who buy new books. Even before I became concerned about the earth's death spiral, I just didn't understand why someone would pay $20 for a book that they could borrow for free from the library.

Now I get it of course. It's about collecting stuff. That's what we do. We used to be hunter gatherers, now we're consumer collectors. That's why it's normal for us to buy a book that's readily available for free, read it once, and then leave it in our houses for our children to clear out once we've bought the farm.

Obviously, it doesn't have to be that way. Especially with the Edmonton Public Library's (EPL) online catalogue system that's available to us here in Edmonton.

Here's what you do:

  1. Walk into any of the 16 branches of the EPL and get a library card ($12 for a year).
  2. Log on to the "My Account" section of using your library card number and phone number.
  3. Register your email address with them.
  4. Search for, and reserve, any book you can think of.
  5. The fine people at EPL will then put the book aside for you and email you when it's ready.

It's an amazing service. Whenever I discover a book that I want to read, I spend 25 seconds going through the above steps and read it for free shortly thereafter. And the selection of books kills whatever is at your bookstore.

Reduce your consumption. Reuse a book today.


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i knew a girl who was an english grad.
she only bought new books because she "had to be" the first one to crack the spine, just where she liked it (it was like a 2/3 to 1/3 split or something).
if the spine was not cracked like that in her strategic crack as she read method it would drive her crazy..

..some people.


I love the Edmonton Public Library...When I moved here in December that was one of the first things I obtained( library card)

I love the concepts of libraries so much that I decided to quit going to a private business school and attend MacEwan in the Fall to get a diploma in Library Technology:)

Libraries are truly a great public resource.

Libraries are truly a wonderful thing, but one reason someone would pay for this book instead of getting from the library is that they don't have it. Sadly, there are many wonderful books they do not have.

Really? I rarely have trouble finding a book through the Edmonton library. They don't have the book I'm looking for maybe 1 in 20 times. Maybe my tastes aren't as eclectic as yours, though :)

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