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In countries like Germany, beer and many foods play an important role in local culture. A small German city of 75,000 - 100,000 people will have one or two local breweries that its people are fiercely proud of. If we followed suit, Edmonton would have ten or more local beers for us to choose from. Drinking beer would be way more fun.

Of course, North America has embraced mass produced like never before, much to the detriment of the environment (mass production means making it all in one place and shipping stuff long distances). Luckily, Edmonton has one independent brewery that makes fantastic beer: Alley Kat Brewery. Located at 9929 60 Avenue, it has a wide selection of micro brews. My favorites are Amber and Full Moon Pale Ale (see pictures above).

It's just plain stupid to ship a product that's mostly water around by diesel truck or boat, especially when we produce that product right here. So next time you grab a brewsky, make it an Alley Kat. It's available in most (I think) liquor stores, and it's on tap at lots of great restaurants like Dadeo's on Whyte. You won't be compromising on the quality of the beer, and you'll be saving some poor bottle from travelling from the States or further. Now Alley Kat just needs to come out with an Organic beer!

Other local beers include some Labatt's beers, Brewster's (I think you can only buy that in the Brewster's restaurant itself) and Maverick beer (not sure if it's still being brewed). Also, Big Rock beer is local-ish (brewed in Calgary).

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Hi Conrad,

Have you tried Amber's? The brewery is very close to your house (98 street and 78 ave) and you can walk in a buy a 6-pack for 12 bucks. The Mill Creek Liquor store also carries it. They make good beer and they are very friendly and helpful.

I've been meaning to for awhile. Two micro-breweries now in Edmonton!

Sorry, I gave the wrong address before. It's at 100 street and 78 ave.

It's an awesome beer!

The pepperberry does not show it's true potential untill tried with some Alberta beef fresh off the BBQ. The subtelties are brought out in the beer like like food brings out the fine point of a truly sublime red wine. I am a beer drinker, my inlaws are wine drinker and through them I can appreciate a fine glass of red wine. This has allowed me to fully appreciate the craftmenship that goes into making such a fine beer that can complement a meal. Ambers is a brewery that is completely green, they recycle all products that they bring in. The used hops and barley go to farmers, the cans and bottles that are not recycleable as full containers go to the appropriate agencies. Stop by Amber's and talk to them and see how commited they are to the enviroment and to Edmonton.

Well well well, I didn't know anything about this beer. I guess I let myself blinded with German and Irish beers and I forgot to take a look to local American beer. You had me curious about this beer, can I find it in an ordinary beer club in US?

Great post! I just wrote a similar post (though, without the environmental bent) and happened upon yours when I checked to see how that post ranked in Google. Seems like you've got a good blog here, I'll have to subscribe.

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