Solar Retrofit Part 6: Roof Reinforcements

The solar collectors on my house will not be parallel to the roof but will stand up at an angle of approximately 40 degrees.  With some of the recent wind storms around Edmonton and other places in Alberta I've been quite concerned about my house if one of those storms hits again after the collectors are up.

To make sure there are no problems, I decided to change how the connectors are attached to the house. The original plan was to have the supports for the collectors bolted into the roof trusses via a total of 16 - four inch lag bolts. Rather than use lag bolts, I ran stainless steel threaded rod into the attic and bolted each threaded rod into double 2x6s that run across pretty much the entire width of the house. This entailed installing quad 2x6s in the attic for the upper connections and pulling the soffits down to install the quad 2x6s for the lower connections. After adding that much lumber to the house the only way the wind is going to damage the installation is to take the entire roof of the house off.

It's a tight squeeze in my attic.

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