Making water line connections in the attic

I have to make connections in my attic for the 3/4" copper pipes that do the supply and return runs for my solar thermal collectors.  I'm NOT looking forward to soldering amoung the blown-in insulation.  Someone recommended SharkBite non-soldering connectors (  The appear to have a high enough ratings (certified to 200 PSI and 93 degrees C) but I'm concerned about how they will stand up given the extreme temperature changes in the attic.  Has anyone used these connectors?  Does anyone have any experience with SharkBite fittings and solar thermal systems?


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Hi Ken,

I hooked up my solar panel with standard Pex (Bow SuperPex).
Both my local hardware stores carry the crimp rings & lend out the crimp tools; I expect you'll find this pretty much anywhere in Canada.


Here's another solderless solution:

You don't need it to be an oxygen barrier pex?

I ended up buying a fire-resistent blanket at a welding supply outfit and soldering the copper in the attic.  I had heard that pex has difficulties with the extreme temperature changes.

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