Belgravia NetZero - Common Ground

As you would expect, the Riverdale, Mill Creek and Belgravia NetZero houses have much in common - netzero concept of course, designer/builder Peter Amerongen, urban location, attention to detail. They also share DNA, in the form of the large wood beams and posts that are prominent in all three houses. The wood was salvaged from a liquor store that had been located on 97 Street in Edmonton. The original beams were 7 1/2 inches wide by 29 inches deep by 33 feet long and weighed 1500 pounds.

Bernie and Tristan working on beams

Bernie is sawing a beam in half using a chainsaw while Tristan is removing joist hangers.


How much does this #!%$ thing weigh?

Bernie: Sure could use some help here!

Me: Sorry, someone has to document this for

Half the original beam so it must only weigh 750 pounds.


Whew! Didn't think it was long enough

Dragging the beam into place.


Uh-oh! Now what do we do?

Almost there.


Hey! It's upside down. Can you flip it over?

Thanks guys! Saved me 500 bucks on a crane rental.


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Great pictures Bob! We love the beams, so I'm glad that you'll have a chance to enjoy them as well.

Hi Bob,
thanks for posting this information and ongoing account of your home construction. I teach a local course in environmental mgt and my students (17 adults) would like to take a site visit to a zero carbon home. Can you contact me to talk about if this is possible? thanks,

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