Greenest House in Edmonton

One of the 12 greenest houses in Canada is being built right here in Edmonton.

The Riverdale NetZero Energy Duplex is under construction right now in Edmonton's river valley, as part of CMHC's EQuilibrium Housing Initiative.

A net zero energy house generates all its own heat and electricity on an annual basis. Is this really possible here in Edmonton’s cold northerly climate? Yes!

Visit for more details.

And go to the talk by Edmonton's resident solar power guru, Gordon Howell:

Where: University of Alberta, ETLC (Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex)
Room ETL-E 1-017, on first floor
When: Tuesday, October 30, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (or so) – with questions and answers time.
Cost: Free. Come early. Previous presentations on this were full.



Riverdale NetZero Energy home presentation -- 2007 October 30.pdf169.57 KB

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