NAIT Is Going Green

Toward a sustainable campus

Oct. 17, 2007 – NAIT has hired a Sustainability Officer to co-ordinate programs aimed at transforming the Institute into showcase of environmental performance.

Katie Laviolette has been appointed to role of Sustainability Officer, reporting to the Office of the President, making NAIT a leader among post-secondary institutes in Edmonton.

Sustainability, specifically NAIT’s role as an environmental steward, emerged as a key theme during Dr. Sam Shaw’s staff consultations held earlier this year as part of the NAIT 20/21 strategic visioning process.

“Sustainability seemed to be on everyone’s mind. Staff shared many initiatives – from ecoNAIT to the recycling efforts being organized in various departments,” Sam said.

“As a result of these discussions, the Institute’s commitment to sustainability was included in our key directions and guiding principles as approved by the Board on May 7. NAIT needs to be a leader in this area, and to execute on this direction we have hired a Sustainability Officer.”

Our key directions now include a commitment to “advance institutional sustainability,” while one of our guiding principles, under excellence, is to “commit to sustainable practices.”

Katie comes to NAIT from the Edmonton Garrison, where she provided training and awareness programs on energy performance.

“I am very excited to be NAIT’s first Sustainability Officer,” Katie said. “We have such a great opportunity to transform NAIT into a model of environmental stewardship. I look forward to working with representatives from across the Institute to build a more environmentally friendly campus.”

Katie’s priorities include implementing an expanded NAIT-wide recycling program, placing more ashtrays and garbage cans across the Institute as part of the Respect NAITure campaign, as well as establishing baselines for electricity, water and gas use – and then developing plans to reduce consumption.

Visit the ecoNAIT site for more details.

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