Efficiency and/or solar person in Ardrossan?

I recently received this message through the contact us link:

"looking into greening up my houses efficiency and going solar. need advice. i live in ardrossan alberta in a 5 year old two story home.who could i contact in this area?"

Does anyone know someone in Ardrossan who is available to help?

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Check out this website. The couple had the same thoughts a few years ago. They now assist people in doing the things they did, and even have seminars about it. Best of all, they are local.


Related to the above, I need some supplies for my installation of flat plate solar thermal collectors.  Can anyone recommend where I can find the following items?

 1) The high-temperature insulation to go over the copper supply and return lines that run to and from the collectors.

2) The jacketing to go over the insulation on the external portion of the system to provide protection from UV rays and from animals such as squirrels and birds.
Any help greatly appreciated.

P.S. My daughter says: Twilight rocks!!

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