I'll be making a presentation about the Mill Creek NetZero Home this week. Details:

Where: PleasantView Community Hall, 10860-57th Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6H 0Y8

When: Thursday, January 29, at 7:00 p.m.

Cost: Free

It's the same talk that I gave at the Telus World of Science recently. Details on the content of the talk are here.

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I really enjoyed hearing your talk again (caught it at TWS and Pleasntview ) It really is a shame that more people don't share your desire to build their own home to such standards.

I feel that the reason for this is that most people (not only in the home buying market) are just not informed enough about the options that are out there.
It really takes people like you and your wife, who make the decision to inform themselves that there are more (better) options available than just what many homebuilders will offer.
We should be very grateful that Habitat Studio is making these options available to the Edmonton area.

I really do hope to see more folks jumping on the NetZero bandwagon in the near future.

Thanks Ben. I think that as the myth of cheap endless energy starts to disintegrate, people will start getting better informed and making better decisions.

I also enjoyed your talk. You're bang on when you say that 95% of households could cut their electricity use in half.

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