Say No to the Orange Bag

It's that time of year again. We all go into cleanup mode, getting rid of the "garbage" that the trees "litter" the ground with.

We drive to the Canadian Tire, buy a ten pack of orange garbage bags, and get to work. Once the leaves are raked and packed, we put the bags out to be picked up and whisked away to the landfill. After all it is garbage, right?

Wrong. Leaves are a compostable, clean source of fertilizer for our yards/gardens. Treating a source of nutrients that literally falls from the sky as a waste product is a form of collective insanity that we need to correct.

I have a little spot (maybe 4 feet by 8 feet) beside my garage that I've been throwing leaves into for six years. Every year, I grab one of my neighbour's orange bags, empty their leaves out into that same spot, then fill, dump and refill the same bag into that little patch of land until my leaves are all cleaned up.

The leaves just disappear as they lose their water and compost throughout the winter and spring. I haven't done so yet, but some day I will mine that area for the rich soil that has undoubtedly accumulated from all those leaves.

So, just say no to the orange bag. It will save diesel fuel (from the garbage trucks), plastic, and money for the city (less labour in picking up all those bags).

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i started composting my grass clippings and leaves in a separate composter than my food scraps 3 years ago when i moved into the cabin.
This summer i used this compost for my herb and tomato garden.

I just last night (october 28) ate tomatoes from that garden and made a pepermint and fennel tea.

now that is awesome soil!


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