Guerrilla Gardening

Edmonton has a new movement: guerrilla gardening. A group of Edmontonians has started organizing and enacting gardening events that aim to promote "issues of community ownership, food security, native habitat, biodiversity, and the direct replenishing the environment in which we live our daily lives". Awesome.

The premise is basically that they improve the city by planting on under-utilized public land. Being one of the most sprawling cities in North America, we have plenty of that.

I'm most interested in their efforts to plant edible plants and trees, but even planting ornamentals is an investment in our community. And they seem to be having a barrel of fun. This is what it's all about: consume less, guerrilla garden more!

Their website is here: Edmonton Guerrilla Gardening.

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That's for the good word!

Anyonw interested in GG can feel free to send me a message @ and ti check out our blog. We'd like to get some seed scattering/bombing activities going this fall yet.

Dustin Bajer

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