Local. Nutritious. Old School!

I grew up eating Sunny Boy hot cereal. It use to come in a box. And the sunny boy looked different. With a bit of brown sugar, the taste probably reminds many Edmontonians of Saturday morning cartoons and cold winter mornings before school.

As it turns out, Sunny Boy is made in good ol' Camrose, Alberta. That's about 100 km drive from Edmonton, which lands it comfortably within range of a hundred mile diet. Eating local food is a crucial ingredient in our transformation to a sustainable way of life. I also like the fact that Sunny Boy is now sold in lightweight bags for minimal packaging. I've bought organic Sunny Boy before, but it's not always available. When it is, you can achieve almost the perfect green food purchase: locally produced, minimally packaged, organically grown vegetarian food.

Their website is less than a page long, but who would expect any more? These are some old school mofo's makin this here Sunny Boy hot cereal.

For a greener, older school breakfast, reach for the Sunny.

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That just looks yummy..Where in Edmonton can I but some to try?


I think. I got it at Save-On Foods. And like I said, I know that they sometimes have it in organic, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks:) I picked up some of their pancake mix for those "want a hot breakfast but no real time for homemade" and the pancakes were great. I'll look for the hot cereal next time I'm at Save On

I started buying this stuff when I found out it was organic and local - it's a delicious breakfast, for sure. I get mine at Sobeys or Safeway.

I live in North Vancouver and have been looking unsuccessfully for a store that sells Sunny Boy Cereal. Does anyone have any suggestions for an oulet in the Vancouver areea???


Hi Lorne,

My good friend Alison lives in Vancouver. She is very knowledgeable about food choices (worked in the organic food industry and has connections therein), and she had this to say:

I looked for it out here when I first moved but I don't think anyone carries it. The closest facsimile is 'Red River'
brand cereal. I'll look into it a little more but I'm pretty sure it didn't make it over the mountains.


I purchased Sunny Boy recently at the IGA in Pitt Meadows, BC. It still had the old version of the little boy I remember as a child. It is still my favourite hot cereal.

Debbie, Maple Ridge, BC

Price smart has sunny boy hot cereal for about 3.50 in Vancouver and in the GVRD

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