Stop Junk Mail

Don't you hate junk mail? I hate junk mail. Most activities have an impact. Burn coal to keep the lights on in hospitals? Go for it. Burn natural gas to keep us warm in winter? Okay. Rape and pillage the earth to make paper for junk mail? Stupid. Really stupid.

95% of people toss it in the garbage or the blue bin. For the green-minded, though, recycling junk mail isn't enough. We need to stop it from coming in the first place, and here's how:

Most junk mail will be soliciting a response of some kind. Credit card solicitations are a classic example. The fact that they want you to respond can be used in your favour. The mail will contain a postage-paid response envelope:

postage-paid response envelope and letter to convince you to get the credit card

The letter invariably has your name and address on it. Rip out the name and address, and write "Please take me off you list" just below your name. Like this:

Remember, we're Canadian so we say please. Now, put the piece of paper into the postage-paid envelope:

And mail that sucker off. I guarantee you that you'll be taken off the list, because the company has now paid to mail the letter and have an employee open it. It pays for them to remove you from their list. Plus, it's the law.

This technique is super fast - you don't even have to write down your name - and very effective. I get literally no mail from credit card companies - I had to borrow this junk mail to take the pictures.

Other ways to keep junk mail away:

  1. If there's no postage paid envelope, find a phone number and call them. If there's no phone number, just write "RTS - unsolicited junk mail" on the mail and drop it into a mail box.
  2. Go to Earth's General Store and buy a "No Junk Mail Please" sticker to afix to your mailbox.
  3. Follow the other steps outlined here:

We need to change the way we do things, and junk mail should be the first thing to go. Stop tree-murdering mail spam!

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Thanks - I'll be doing this from now on. Why do you erase your name and address before returning the letter though? I would have thought that this makes it less likely that you will be removed from the list, since someone has to go to a lot more trouble to figure out who you are before crossing you off.

The junk mail wasn't mine, so I had to erase the name and address to post in the internet. Definitely leave your name and address on the letter, otherwise they won't know who to remove.

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