The Bulb

Change your light bulbs. Environmentalists and other green types have been begging us to do it for years now. Regular incandescent light bulbs waste 95% of electricity that we throw at them, among other reasons to switch.

Nonetheless, "Incandescents filled 85% of sockets in 2002 compared to less than 2% for Compact Fluorescents" (source).  read more... »

bullfrog power

Alberta's electricity is mostly coal-fired. And coal is the enemy of the human race. So what is a green Edmontonian to do?

The first, most profitable and greenest thing you can do is to reduce your energy use. The easiest ways to do that, all of which have better paybacks than most any mutual fund, include lighting with only compact fluorescent bulbs, replacing your 15-year old refrigerator with a new energy efficient model, and plugging your consumer electronics into power strips to that they don't suck juice while they're turned off. We'll cover all of these actions in future posts.  read more... »

The 200-Year Frying Pan

Sometime in the eighties, the advertisers managed to convince us that durable frying pans are"stick" pans. That is, they aren't "non-stick". It's a lie that has had devastating consequences for our shared environment.  read more... »

Local Beer

In countries like Germany, beer and many foods play an important role in local culture. A small German city of 75,000 - 100,000 people will have one or two local breweries that its people are fiercely proud of. If we followed suit, Edmonton would have ten or more local beers for us to choose from. Drinking beer would be way more fun.  read more... »