A Net Zero Energy Year : Summer

Times were good this summer, as our 6 Kilowatt PV system churned out the juice like crazy.

During the months of May, June, July and August we only imported power, on a net basis, on eight different days. Not bad, not bad at all.

Here is what the data looked like:


May 2011: 600 kWh exported.


June 2011: 500 kWh exported.


July 2011: Rainy month. 460 kWh exported . The stars represent missing data.


August 2011: 620 kWh. Best month ever.

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Is you PV system set to send all energy generated to the grid, or do you use inhouse first? Also, in case you are interested, the U of A has a solar radiation measurement at the Ellerslie research farm available at the following link. It can help in comparing output to actual sunshine. They only have 2010 data available now, but the 2011 data should be available early next year. http://www.ales.ualberta.ca/rr/Research/OffcampusFacilities/EllerslieRSD...

Thanks for documenting your house development and especially the 1st year of monitoring. Will you publish some results while you use the wood stove in the coming year?

Hello Conrad

Your summer numbers look great!. Just wondering what the yearly totals look like....net zero or not???

Garth: not. I'll post on it later this week.

ChrisJ: Thanks so much for the link. Very valuable data. We use the solar power inhouse before exporting. We will continue to publish results.

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