Net Zero Homes in Cold Climates: The Videos

The link video above is the first in a series of six that document an April 2010 talk by Peter Amerongen about how to build a Net Zero residential house, at the lowest possible cost, in a cold climate like Edmonton’s.

Peter is Edmonton’s foremost authority on energy efficient residential building, and his talk gives details about his experience as the project manager on Edmonton’s first three net zero houses. This stuff is pure gold.

All of the videos can be accessed right here on youtube.

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Great video! Thanks for posting it!

I have a question about the hot water recovery system. Peter said that about 50% of the head from the hot water can be collected and used to heat the new hot water. Does the cooled water then exit the house immediately or does it sit in a reservoir first and allow its heat to transfer to the house before going down the drain?



I believe that he was talking about the waste water heat recovery coil. The incoming municipal cold water is heated by the outgoing warm shower water by wrapping around a copper piece of drain pipe through which the shower water is draining.

However, we will be also be installing a grey water tank that will capture the water, which will release its heat before being flushed down the toilets. A benefit during the heating season only. We'll be recovering 100% of the heat from the shower water at that time.

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