Saving Wood

100 year old houses are relatively convenient to take apart because the original structure contains no screws. Two by fours will come out just by being banged with a sledgehammer if there are no screws. My friend Ed and I saved about 50 2x4 studs from the old pink house that stood at #### - ## Avenue until last week.

They are much closer to 4" by 2" than modern-day studs, and they do sustain a bit of damage coming out. So, they would only be good for firewood if I didn't have such an eco-minded builder. His guys are used to him asking them to frame with reused lumber, so these bad boys will get used one way or another.

The picture above shows reclaimed doors, cedar siding, fir flooring (under the pink siding on the left), doors, and the 2x4s.

Right before demolition, we also pulled out six or seven good double-paned windows (for making cold frames with), the exterior doors, and the kitchen cupboards from the house. The garage is full. Now it's time to start installing all of this reclaimed material. That's the hard part.

Thanks for the help Ed!

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Where are you storing all that?

In any case, colour me totally inspired. You're my hero. Honestly.

Thanks for the encouragement. It's all in my garage. I now have to crawl over a mountain of stuff to get in there.

hello, i have an old barn "100 years"??? anyway, would love to have a harvest table built from it... in trade for the rest of the wood??? hand hewn logs ... make an offer contact me at the e-mail provided.. north of edmonton,about an hour

Hi Mary - I'm looking for a few peices of barnwood and would be interested in buying a few peices from you?

Hi Mary, I live in edmonton and we are a handy couple. Wondering if you got your harvest table made yet? I would love to make a deal about the wood and my hubby could make you up a table! You can email me at Thanks

Do need a lot of wood for a project.
Can get a table built for you (I am a woodcrafter but may have a friend better suited to this).
Need old aged wood in good shape, a lot of it,
enough to build the equivalent of a wall 10 feet by 18 feet and then more for other related.
plse email or call 780 964 9991
thnkx, Dale

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