Gordon Howell

This is Gordon Howell (www.hme.ca). He is Alberta's (Canada's!) leading guru on solar electricity.  He is my first choice for a series that I'm writing on Edmonton's Green Leaders. 

Gordon has been working tirelessly on the issue of solar electricity (among other solar-related topics) for as long as I've been paying attention. He lectures often in the city, and his talks are always full of topical, relevant information. The man is thorough, too. His information is always very accurate.

Gordon is a key member of the Riverdal NetZero Project, and he has worked on my own Mill Creek NetZero Home.

If you're interested in learning more about how to live greener in Edmonton, I highly recommend going to one of Gordon's talks. Better yet, email him (ghowell [at] hme [dot] ca) and find out when he'll next be teaching his multi-day solar energy course.

Like many of the true leaders in our city, Gordon has contributed countless unpaid hours. He has added tremendously to the public knowledge and discourse regarding solar energy. I for one am very grateful for his contribution.

To learn about renewable energy applications in our city and province, visit Gordon's website today.

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It is good to hear about people like this who are working towards living sustainably on the planet and helping others do likewise. To that end, it is disappointing to see Mr. Howell holding a plastic water bottle. I do hope the bottle was a reused one filled with good clean Edmonton tap water and not a commercially purchased bottle of water from a corporation making profit from a public commons. Thanks to Mr. Howell and to everyone making ongoing efforts to live lightly on the planet.

"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her". John 8:7

Thanks Theresa,

I agree that the water bottle makes a bad visual. As I wrote about here, Edmonton has one of the best water systems in the world, and Edmontonians should be drinking tap water.

As for Ralph's comment, when criticism is made in the constructive tone that you used, which is sometimes a rare thing on the internet, I welcome it.


I didn't see a constructive tone, I saw biased negative assumptions.
1) all disposable plastic water bottles are bad
2) Mr. Howell had easy access to Edmonton tap water
3) corporations are bad
4) making profit is bad
5) all water is a public commons

The primary purpose of the post appears to be to criticize Mr. Howell and assert the poster's bias. The idea of "constructive criticism" is an oxymoron. I try to focus on understanding and suggestions to be truly helpful. i.e. ask where the picture was taken, and provide useful information like "xyz co makes their bottles from 100% recycled plastic with no BPA".

If it turns out that Mr. Howell lives in Edmonton in an area with municipal water, then feel free to comment on the quality & safety of the Edmonton water supply in a non-judgmental way, "We are fortunate to have a good water supply so Mr. Howell and others can refill their water bottles from a tap".

I think that re-using the (100% recycled plastic) disposable bottle from a $1 bottle of water is more environmentally friendly than spending $20-$30 on a stainless steel water bottle that I have seen many people carrying around.


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