Green House Builders

In response to this question by Kristina:

“We want to build just West of Edmonton and are having trouble finding someone with knowledge of passive solar and super insulated building practices. Any recommendations?”

I wanted to list the builders that I know who have a track record of building truly energy efficient houses. From what I’ve heard and experienced, any of the following companies could build a house that truly pushes the envelope in energy efficiency and general greenitude.


It’s well known that I’m very happy with my experience with this Habitat Studio and Workshop Ltd. No one has built a greener and more solarized house in Edmonton than these guys!


I’m going strictly from word of mouth on this one. Effect Home Builders is apparently building a net zero project in Belgravia.


My friend Myles built an R-2000 house with Kensington Master Builders, and he loves them. They really know what they’re doing, and they are very professional.


The House Company could build more, greener houses. They definitely know how to though, if the client pushes them on it.

Do you have a green builder to recommend to Green Edmonton readers?

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Battle Lake Design Group (BLDG)

Arnold Renschler and Chris Buyze focus on low-tech, highly-efficient buildings with a specialization in strawbale insulation. Their most recent project, the MillCreek Flexhomes (triplex), won a 2009 Edmonton Urban Design Award. They're both very passionate about environmental issues and supporting the local economy.

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