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When we need to "consume", we should be buying stuff that uses as little water and electricity as possible. Comparing the different products for these attributes can be difficult. Here are the best resources:

Searchable Canadian Government Energy Efficiency Ratings of all available:

The (user-unfriendly) master page is here. I always have trouble finding these databases, so I thought that I would post them here for easy reference. After you've run your initial search, click on "Energuide Rating (kWh/year)" twice. This will order the appliances by the smallest consumption first.

For cars, if you simply must buy one, refer to the U.S. Government's Fuel Economy comparison website.

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i just purchased a kenmore gas range from Sears. it did not have an 'energuide' rating. i have tried to find out what it would be for my model but have not had any luck.

it is model: 970-336982

can you help?

You may be able to find comparable statistics if you can find a chart that converts BTU's of your burners to KW. An issue that can affect your actual cooking heat is how close your pot is to the hottest part of the flame (the tip of the clear part inside the flame). Having used different gas stoves for thirty+ years I have learned that having the pan bottom closer to the flame makes it heat quicker even with lower BTUs. Most of your cooking is not done on high heat so I don't know how much this impacts gas use though.

The tips of the flame should not extend past the bottom of the pot or you waste heat as well.


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