Earth's General Store Opens At Its New Location


Earths General Store has reopened at 9605 – Whyte Avenue (across from the Humpty’s), its new, bigger and better location. EGS was the flagship of the Edmonton environmental scene in the early 1990s. It remains the main hub of conscious green living in Edmonton. If you want to get connected to Edmonton’s environmental community, EGS is the place to be.

In its new location, the store has expanded from its role as retailer, coffee roaster, bookstore, and information provider to included groceries and an expanded line of offerings.


EGS now sells food!

One of the things I’ve always loved about the store is that Michael and his staff have done “the research” for me. At most other stores, you have to constantly be on the lookout for green washing and gouging. At EGS, you can relax and trust that whatever you’re buying is truly the greenest, healthiest choice.

I’m thrilled that EGS has stepped into the role of green grocer. Stop in and check it out. Here are some more pictures of the new space:



The new store provides an airy, inviting place to browse one of the best selection of “change the world” books in the city.


A place to sit and rest after picking up your eco-goods


Hmmmm…green cleaning products!


The new location is still a work in progress. Look for the bulk section to be stocked in the near future.

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I can wait to be able to bike across the river to the new location!! Looks like it will be included into my weekend bike route. Do you know if Michael plans to have parking for bikes? I'm sure he will but just gotta ask:)

In my limited experience with EGS, I've found the staff to be very unfriendly and condescending toward people who ask questions about the products. I feel like saying: "I'm sorry I'm not as hardcore as you, but the fact that I'm in your store means I'm trying. Maybe if you'd answer my questions I could do a better job of being green."

I'm also a bit turned off by some of the more radical political messages in the store, but that's another issue altogether.

Point is, I don't like shopping at EGS and I don't think that the new store is going to change my perception. Still, I may give them another chance now that they're also selling groceries.

Terra - There is lots of bicycle parking in the parking lot. The proximity to the Mill Creek ravine allows people from the north side to use this very pretty route to gain access to us. If you cycle south along this bicycle route and continue along it under the Mill Creek bridge there is a switch back trail that comes out at the corner of 80th Avenue and 95th street.

Adam - I am saddened to read your post. I am very concerned about your experience. I do not like to hear that any of my staff are condescending and this is of GREAT concern to me. I don't like 'clicks'.

On the other hand I can appreciate that some people may have a poor experience at our store (as in any other store). I am sure that some people may have a poor experience at a store that you think offers exceptional service.

I would appreciate to hear of your experience in detail so that I can learn from your experience to improve our level of service and improve our customer care. Please write to me at or if you would like to use this more public forum I am quite comfortable airing our shortcomings and your concerns about our customer service and the attitude of our staff towards a customer.

I apologize that you had a poor experience at my store. I take this personally and will work to improve our customer service.

FYI - we only have packaged groceries at the moment. Due to finances I have to open the store in stages - first the products we normally carry, packaged organic food products (we have a good base and are expanding this offering), bulk food (we have to prepare the dispensing system and put the items into the computer system - I was distracted completing this task because I was finishing off emptying the old store space, then dairy/cooler items, freezer items and then fresh produce. I don't wish for people to think we are a fully equipped grocery store.

Looks fantastic, Michael. I think I'm going to just hang out and loiter in the store come spring. It's such a good place to be to run into friends.


Thanks for letting me know. I've been here almost 3 years and I still dont know the Millcreek ravine area. We usually bike across the High Level bridge and take back roads around Whyte to get around.

Cant wait until you get the Bulk foods up as I'll be utilizing that a lot...Oh yea will be allowed to bring reusable containers/bags? I would love to know before I go to Etsy and buy a lot of Kootsacs (

I am also sorry that the individual who wrote in was unhappy with the service. I visited your new location a couple of months ago in my pursuit of rainbow socks (OK! Tie Dye)and one of your staff took my information so that she could let me know when you got them again. I had no issues with the service. (Still sad about the socks, though. Mine finally wore out. I think I wore them for over 5 years.)
Thanks for the store.

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