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Induction stovetops are the most efficient in existence. With induction cooking, an electromagnetic field turns the pot or pan itself into the heating element, so there’s no coil to heat up, and no therefore no heat to lose from the coil. Induction stoves have long been available through commercial or specialty outlets only, and usually only as cook tops (without ovens attached). However, Sears has recently changed the efficient cooking appliance scene.

With Kenmore Elite Induction Ranges, Sears has brought the induction cook top to the residential home. Although more expensive than regular ranges (all of Sears’ stuff can be had for significantly less than their listed online prices, by the way) these super-efficient ranges are at the very bottom end of the Energuide scale.

A new electric range will consume from 330 kWh to 647 kWh per year according to Natural Resources Canada. The Kenmore Elite Induction Ranges consumes about 350 kWh.

When we purchased our appliances for the Mill Creek NetZero Home, we were a bit too early for this brand new range. The problem is, it requires a special 50 amp breaker and special wiring. We missed out, but maybe you won’t. If you choose an induction range when purchasing your next super-efficient appliance let the rest of us know how it went!

P.S. I was worried about health issues due to radiation from the electro magnetism that's involved in induction cooking, so I asked local great Godo Stoyke, author of The Carbon Buster's Home Energy Handbook, for his take. He tested his brother's induction stove and said:

"I measured about 80 milliGauss near the pot, about 10 milliGauss from 40 cm away, dropping to an undetectable/background level from about 1 m away. So, comparable to a cell phone."

Given that stove is so much further away from your body (and your brain) than a cell phone, this put the health issue to rest for me.

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It's not only the intensity of electromagnetic radiation that is important, but also the frequency. Some frequencies (i.e. your microwave's 2.45Ghz) are absorbed by water molecules and cause them to heat up. You only need to be concerned about radiation to which your body is opaque, not the frequencies to which your body is transparent.

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