Edmonton Votes, 2010

We vote for a new city council tomorrow. Three years ago we had the thrill of seeing Don Iveson defeat the always jerkish Mike Nickel. What will we see this year?

I'm pressed for time, but here are some short notes on what I hope will happen (sorry that it's incomplete).

Ward 7

I am strongly endorsing Scott Mckeen in this ward. He has been a proponent of smart urbanism for years now. Tony Catarina, on the hand, is fighting hard to bring back 1960s Edmonton. When the world still had most of its cheap easy oil in the ground and Edmonton had 250,000 people, that made some sense. Now? Not so much. Please vote for McKeen if you live in ward 7.

Ward 11

Kerry Diotte is another reality-denying (as in, there's no climate change and our economy will continue to grow forever), sprawl-supporting airport supporter. As far as I can tell, the best man beat him in ward 11 is Chinwe Okelu. He came very close to winning last time, making him the best hope to beat Diotte's strong campaign. I support Okelu in ward 11.

Ward 8

I will be voting for Ben Henderson. He totally gets it on issues ranging from urban sprawl to food security to LRT.


There's really no debate here - Mandel isn't perfect but he is pushing hard on the LRT and has the gumption to stop ugly architecture and close that damn waste of space airport. I endorse Stephen Mandel as mayor of Edmonton for the next three years.


Here's the obligatory section where I tell you to get out and vote.

However, I'm not going to do that. If you disagree with me - if you think that there's a huge pile of money at city hall waiting to be found by going over the budget "line by line", if you think that endless seas of vinyl siding on the edge of the city provide much needed choice for middle class families to park their SUVs in, if you think that climate change is a socialist hoax to transfer wealth to developing nations - don't vote tomorrow. Why would I encourage people to vote against my candidates?

If you are a green voter, please make the time to support the green candidates, the ones who will make a positive difference in Edmonton for the next three years. And tell your friends too. I look forward to seeing an intelligent, forward-thinking, airport-closing city council tomorrow night.


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